"Il Meglio di Gabriella Ferri" by Gabriella Ferri

Refreshing surprise and something completely left-field from usual pop avalanche in Italian music shops. Gabriella Ferri was completely unique artist and I am not even sure can we describe her as a pop singer, because she was mostly focused on arty re-interpretations of traditional folk songs, theatre and such.

At least this is what this compilation offers - very early beginnings of Ferri when she still performed with her friend Luisa De Santis and girls quickly made name for themselves with unusual, dramatic versions of traditional Roman folk songs. Friend soon dropped out and Ferri continued solo, her powerful, throaty voice far better suited to theatre than to pop songs (nothing pop here in this collection) which probably frustrated her because media is usually focused on pop festivals and starlets, not serious arty singers. What is collected here and is her musical legacy, are acoustic songs that to my ears sounds passionate, unusual and perhaps close to Portuguese Fado - something you might expect in a smokey bar, late in the evening. Ferri had decidedly unpolished, forceful attack of a voice and hers was not a delicate voice - a pirate woman, if I need to describe her. I found this absolutely fascinating music and because its so left-field, it has a huge appeal to me. Its a acoustic folk with a twist.

Highlight: "Le Mantelate"

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