"To Je Tereza..." by Tereza Kesovija (1970)

With few notable exceptions, majority of early 1970s LP albums released by "Jugoton" were compilations of singles and archive material. Arsen Dedić, Drago Mlinarec and Josipa Lisac insisted on recording completely new music for their debuts, but other contemporaries were content with this sort of "albums" which served as recapitulation of greatest hits up to that point.

It is little forgotten now, but initially Tereza Kesovija made bigger splash on international market than at home - her homegrown recordings were mostly assembled on various festivals and occasional single/EP for "PGP RTB" and "Jugoton" while French "Columbia" gave her completely different treatment and not only she recorded dozen EP recordings for them but there were even two LP compilations released for French market prior to this album. Graced with striking cover, "To Je Tereza..." finally brought her home in a big style, with selected material written specifically for her by celebrated songwriters like Dedić, Ivica Krajač and Đelo Jusić. There is marked development and transformation in her singing from previous 1960s recordings, like French experience gave her completely new impetus and although this kind of music sounds very dated now, Kesovija sounds confident and authoritative. Stamping each of this song with her distinctive passion and dramatic delivery, she soars trough her greatest hits up to that point ("Nono, Dobri Moj Nono", "Znam Da Ima Jedna Staza", "Adio") which were combination of local and international successes. For all her exaggerated theatricality, Kesovija was exceptionally distinguished vocalist with easily identifiable sound and just like her international colleagues Nana Mouskouri or Dalida she had a huge following. 

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