Anjezë Gonxhe Bojaxhiu

Young Anjezë Gonxhe Bojaxhiu before the world knew her as Mother Teresa.
Accustomed to the vision of elderly nun in a white & blue sari, we might be surprised to discover that she was actually young once - like everybody else, probably full of ideals, dreams and ideas how to change the world. We are all like that and than something changes where instead of changing the world around us, we become entangled in the web of professional and personal obligations (sometimes pure survival) where the world outside matters less and less, until one morning we find ourselves looking at the stranger in a mirror and wondering whatever happen to that once young person inside, who used to be so passionate about rights and wrongs. 

Well, Mother Teresa never lost that - she might have faced all sorts of private doubts and sorrows just like everyone of us, but instead of focusing on herself (like the majority of the adults) she put all of her energy and efforts into changing the world trough helping the others. Even now, when she is officially proclaimed saint, there are detractors who criticise her for one thing or another (most often, for being religious) but I have only respect for the person with such strong convictions - let it not be forgotten that Mother Teresa and her nuns initially actually begged on the streets for food and supplies that later they would give away to the poorest. In fact, the more you read about her, the more impressed one gets with such a strong sense of her role in life. People often make fun of things they don't understand but there is nothing funny about choosing life of poverty in order to help humanity. 

I love this picture and think its wonderful. 

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