"U duetu" by Marjana Deržaj and Majda Sepe (1962)

Cheerful little recording with four duets between two most prominent female pop singers from Slovenia seemed as obvious idea - since they often performed on the same festivals and worked with the same musicians, why not pairing them for a duet recording - though results are somewhat underwhelming. 

Mojmir Sepe leads his own band and girls croon for all they are worth, nothing really wrong with either musicians or the singers, except that I sense a certain cautiousness like they tried too hard. On their solo recordings, both Deržaj and Sepe reflected cheerful energy and enthusiasm but here they are somewhat subdued, be it because someone in producer's booth wanted it this way or for whatever reason, the spark is not here. Kind of recording for parents (or grandparents), something pleasant and ultimately bland - world away from Sepe's stomping "Stupid Cupid" or anything Deržaj did solo. Arrangements are fine and everything is tasteful, not sure what happened in the studio. "Pretty Blue Eyes" suggest that keys are wrong for their voices. Soon there will be another girl on local scene and when Elda Viler arrives, vocally she can chew both of them (at the same time) - hers was the sound of unprecedented clarity, power and beauty, really something unique and quite unforgettable. 

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