Heavenly bookshops & libraries

As someone who was born with a love for books, I always imagined Heaven as a beautiful, large bookshop. Recently I discovered some photos of pretty awesome bookshops and libraries that really thrilled me more than I can say - I couldn't care less for the architectural grandeur of some sport arenas, shopping centres, cinemas or whatnot but when it comes to bookshops, this is something I truly love and admire with all my heart.

The first one is in Buenos Aires and its a hundred years old theatre called "Ateneo Grand Splendid" - yes, its an old theatre building transformed into incredibly beautiful bookshop (it was a famous Tango venue, with performers like Carlos Gardel singing there), at certain point theatre turned into cinema with a live orchestra playing music background to the silent movies (sound wonderful) and with time the financial burden of maintenance of such building led to place being sold and now used as a bookshop. The architects intentionally decided to preserve the elegance and beautiful atmosphere of the place, so the curtained stage now serves as cafe, while the previous audience spot is now an impossibly beautiful bookshop. If ever I would have chance to visit such place, I think my soul would sing with joy. Probably out loud.

"The Klementinum" is in Prague - therefore much bigger possibility to ever visit the place - and its now a  National Library of the Czech Republic. It started as a 11th century chapel that grew into Jesuit college and eventually the massive book collection became National Library. The collection is still a work-in-progress and it will apparently get new, modern space elsewhere but for now the most famous part of it is The Baroque library with painted ceiling and just looking at it made my heart flutter with excitement. If I ever go to Prague again, this will definitely be a place to visit and to treat myself. Even if I don't speak a word of Czech, just to be there and to soak the atmosphere will be enough. 

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