"Deborah" EP by VIS Uragani (1968)

VIS " Uragani" were one of those brilliant, short-lived late 1960s pop bands who lasted relatively brief period of time but left their mark in Croatian rock music, since they brought a breath of fresh air and introduced vocalist who will became big name in the next decade. All of those "Tornadoes", "Golden boys" and "Black pearls" were reaction to somewhat toothless (although immensely popular) pop festivals that ruled the radio and TV waves back in the day - geared strictly towards young audiences, these young bands emulated popular music from the west and even if today majority of these recordings might appear overtly eager, at least they had a heart in the right place. 

Dario Ottaviani was the leader and main composer here but the reason we still listen this recording today is the vocalist Dalibor Brun who started with "Uragani" - caught in the swagger and invincibility  of the first youth, Brun was powerhouse of blue-eyed soul who took than-current pop hit "Deborah"  and fearlessly, without any complex, forever made it his own, at least to my ears. He might have been only 19, but his passion, power and voice were magnificent, no wonder big things were just around the corner. That singers of this calibre eventually succumbed the pressures of business and became part of the very same toothless establishment they initially fought against is a curious phenomenon that needs more space than short review, but its reality and apparently a inevitability. 

Besides title song (itself a cover) the rest of material is surprisingly fine - although they were all very young, band was actually experienced trough summer dances and they were quite fierce compared to competition, curiously giving place not just to Brun but to other two vocalists as well, so we hear Dario Ottaviani and Ira Kraljić. When all three of them joined forces in "Ako kiša obriše suze"  the results are impressive - Brun still stands out amongst them but you can tell that mutual energy and inspiration was awesome. This record might be just a short chapter in our music history but is a very pleasant surprise, kind of discovering that grandfather once was young and cool. At this point Dalibor Brun was invincible. 

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