"The Beasts of Tarzan" by Edgar Rice Burroughs

Third part of Tarzan saga - its still very exciting read and no doubt audiences around the world were dying to find out what else was happening with Tarzan and Jane, but this feel slight, barely noticeable but present slip into formulaic cliche. I have a feeling Burroughs probably felt trapped in all this and perhaps he wasn't so inspired - in any case its not really so brilliant as previous two parts because it relies heavily on everything told earlier - Tarzan strength, his way with primitive warriors and wild animals, Russian enemies and so on.

"The Beasts of Tarzan" stars with Tarzan and Jane living comfortable life in London, but naturally there is old Russian enemy who apparently has no other things in life but to plot how to upset and revenge on Greystokes - the character of Nikolas Rokoff is cartoonish villain, to be honest, because we don't feel absolutely anything human about him, he is simply a awfully bad guy and his role is to be horrible. He manages to separate Greystokes and to get them back to African jungle where they - not knowing they are actually relatively close - fight for their lives and eventually get re-united. Tarzan arranges his own army of wild animals and wild warriors who help him trough his adventures. By far the most interesting character is panther Sheeta who actually behaves very uncharacteristic for wild beast - Sheeta is more like home trained cat, to be honest and even our own cats are not so loving and helpful as Sheeta (our cats are cuddly and curly only when it suits them) but never mind, it makes for a good reading. I did enjoyed it for what it is but at this I decided to take a break from Tarzan and perhaps I will return to other sequels at another time.

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